Our continued evolution

What is the way forward for human evolution? Do we get to make choices about the future of humanity?

Can we decide the features of the future of humanity without getting into some science fiction plot about re-engineering our genes to create superhero abilities in people, such as in the X-men or the TV show Heroes?

I believe that we can set the course for our most highly evolved selves, right now. In this moment.

What would you expect of a more highly evolved species? How about:

– No war (peace education)
– Natural self-healing (Reiki)
– Peaceful conflict resolution (civil arbitration and peace treaties)
– Social responsibility (good works)
– Kindness to all creatures (vegetarianism, animal cruelty laws)

Can you think of other ways we could make the choice to become a better species, right now, in this lifetime?


About Dr. R. Wolf Shipon

Dr. R. Wolf Shipon (Dr. Why Not?!) is a human performance expert and licensed psychologist in NY and NJ who mobilizes people to make no-excuses, immediate change. He has extensive training and certification in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) consults with executives all over the world.
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