A deeper gratitude

The practice of reciting five things per day for which we are grateful is a good maintenance program. But what happens when we are really burnt on the way things are going? What do we do when our overscheduled lives seem to take over? What do we do when our lives seem like a runaway train, while we desperately hang on for fear of falling off the back?

Well, I have one answer. And it is not as smug as it seems.

I list ten things for which I am grateful.

This really works for me, especially if I have been remiss in reciting my five per day. It gets the good energy flowing again, but sometimes even this requires a few tries throughout the day.

I find I am surprised at just how difficult it can be to say the first few things I am grateful for, not because I have trouble thinking of them, but because I end up feeling guilty I allowed myself to become so overwhelmed with life in the first place.

Life requires reflection. Going to church/synagogue/mosque/temple seems to be a tradition not of a less sophisticated time, but maybe a reminder to those of the future that life can carry us away from ourselves.

In an increasingly isolated world, we require reminders. We need support. We yearn to feel grounded.

And so, we are grateful. But not without a huge effort at times.


About Dr. R. Wolf Shipon

Dr. R. Wolf Shipon (Dr. Why Not?!) is a human performance expert and licensed psychologist in NY and NJ who mobilizes people to make no-excuses, immediate change. He has extensive training and certification in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) consults with executives all over the world.
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