Health problems both ways

One of the healthiest people I know exercises regularly, is a vegetarian, and maintains low salt intake. She does everything right, right?

Well, sure. But her blood pressure drops dramatically when she stands up.

This is a minor health problem, easily corrected, but still a problem.

It is interesting how our bodies work. The vast majority of Americans are nowhere near as healthy as she is, and yet, she still has a potentially dangerous condition.

Most people would be lucky to have her problem, however.

Life is about balance. That is what holistic and Eastern medicine have been teaching for a long time. Everything in moderation, including exercise.

Most of us, however, would do well to tip our exercise quotient more toward her direction.

So I need to exercise more like her. A lot more like her. And she needs to eat pizza, a little bit more like me.


About Dr. R. Wolf Shipon

Dr. R. Wolf Shipon (Dr. Why Not?!) is a human performance expert and licensed psychologist in NY and NJ who mobilizes people to make no-excuses, immediate change. He has extensive training and certification in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) consults with executives all over the world.
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